May 2017 Newsletter

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A big hello to everyone from the Board of the Sioux County Sportsmen’s Club.  It has been an exciting year for everyone to be able to celebrate 20 years of the club’s organization.

First of all we would like to thank everyone who has been a part of the Sioux County Sportsmen’s club over the last 20 years. Here is a very interesting list of accomplishments over the last 20 years of where all of your proceeds are going to.

  1. Over the last 20 years SCSC has spent $776,393 helping with the acquisition of 2146 acres. Go and check these public grounds out. They are quite impressive. Also if you get a chance, thank the Sioux County Conservation for maintaining these grounds and as always leave these grounds cleaner than when you came.
  2. Over the last 20 years SCSC has spent $97,850 just on kids. This would be events, gifts and prizes for events, youth education events, etc. Remember this is all for the kids and there future in the outdoors.
  3. Over the last 20 years SCSC has spent $31,150 for stocking fish in our ponds throughout Sioux County. Go out and spend time with your kids, grandkids or take other kids out to these places.

All of these accomplishments are done only with all of you as members, businesses, sponsors, volunteers and board members. We all have something very special in our county that will always be there for our future generations.

Our 20th anniversary banquet was once again very successful. This year we have cleared around $63,000. Once again thanks to all of you who made this a great success.

Our 2018 banquet has not quite been set yet. Keep looking at our website at for an update on the banquet. This will be posted shortly. If anyone has questions or ideas for our banquet please contact one of the board members so we can address that at our board meetings.

Outdoor Skills Day

This years outdoor skills day will be held on June 8, from 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. at Oak Grove. There is a noon lunch provided. This day is open to all ages. There are different sessions to choose from….shotgun shooting, air rifles, archery, outdoor cooking, improving outdoor skills and much more. You must pre-register by calling Sunday Ford (712-552-3057).

Family Fishing Clinic

This event, sponsored by Sioux County Conservation Board and the Sioux County Sportsmen’s Club will be held on Saturday, June 10, from 9:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. at the Sandy Hollow fishing pond. Come for a fun filled morning of fishing instruction. There will be prizes!! Bring your own pole. **There will be some available if you don’t have one. Lunch will be provided at noon for those who participate. To register please call Sunday Ford (712-552-3057).


We still have calendars available to purchase if you are interested.  As a reminder, each calendar sold will be tied to a specific number. Each week of the year a number will be drawn to win that week’s gun. Each calendar can be purchased for $30. Calendars will be sold until we are out of them. If you are interested in purchasing a calendar, please contact one of the board members listed below.

Also we are getting the 2018 calendars started. If anyone is interested in being a sponsor on the calendar please contact one of our board members.

Land Maps

A printable land map can be found on our website


Don’t forget to check out our website! Make sure you check out the “Upcoming Events” section for any local sportsmen related activities. Events are continually updated. Volunteer opportunities will be listed in the upcoming events area, but you can also sign up on the website to be emailed when opportunities arise. Keep checking on the website for pictures of events that we had. See if you are in a picture and especially if you see one of your kids or someone you know, tell them to check it out.

Land Update

The land acquisition committee is staying in contact with some individuals on possible upcoming property coming available. Stay tuned for further updates.


Dennis Hoksbergen
Sioux County Sportsmen’s Club