May 2012 Newsletter

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Hi to all outdoorsmen and women! Sorry for the delay in the newsletter. Life has been busy and we have

been waiting for a few things to shake out.

We have a number of things going on this summer, but let me give you an update on the banquet. This

year was a huge success! It looks like we cleared about $78,000! This was the best year in the club’s

history! I would like to say THANK YOU  to all the members and businesses for their loyal support year

after year. For believing in what is being done in Sioux County!


Looking ahead we have set the date of March 16, 2013, for next year’s banquet. Save the date on your

calendars! If anyone has new ideas on games, grand prizes, or anything else concerning the banquet,

please let a board member know. We are always looking for new ideas to keep our banquet interesting

and fun.


Land update


We are finalizing the paperwork on about 45 acres that ties into the Hawarden South Pit on the

southern boundary (along the Sioux River). Signs will be posted in the near future.


Outdoor Skills Day


This will be held on June 8, from 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. at Oak Grove. There is a noon lunch provided.

This day is open to all ages. There are different sessions to choose from….shotgun shooting, air rifles,

archery, outdoor cooking, improving outdoor skills and much more. You must preregister by calling

Sunday Ford (7125523057).


Family Fishing Clinic


This event, sponsored by Sioux County Conservation Board, Sioux Center WalMart, and the Sioux County

Sportsmen’s Club will be held on Saturday, June 16, from 9:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. at the Sandy Hollow

fishing pond. Come for a fun filled morning of fishing instruction. There will be prizes for the one with

the most fish, biggest fish, casting contest, and a prize for each person registered. Bring your own pole.

There will be some available if you don’t have one. Lunch will be provided at noon for those who

participate. To register please call Sunday Ford (7125523057).


Land Maps


There are new updated public hunting land maps at various business in the county.

** A printable map can be found on our website.




In place of the 13 Guns of Summer raffle we will be implementing a new raffle…..calendars!

“Calendars?” you ask. Yes! For the year of 2013, each calendar sold will be tied to a specific number.

Each week of the year a number will be drawn to win that week’s gun. Each calendar can be purchased

for $30. Calendars will be available to be purchased beginning in July. If you are interested in purchasing

one, please contact one of the board members listed on this website.


Sandy Hollow


Sandy Hollow will be open to the public for archery use beginning May 15. Watch the newspapers and

our website or for more information regarding archery tournaments and leagues.




Check out our new website  ! (The old address will take you to this site now.) Make

sure you check out the “Upcoming Events” section for any local sportsmen related activities. Events are

continually updated. Volunteer opportunities will be listed in the upcoming events area, but you can

also sign up on the website to be emailed when opportunities arise.


Make sure you check out the apparel store on our website! We have a variety of clothing and hats that

you will certainly want to order!


Roger Van Beek



Sioux County Sportsmen’s Club